Final week and the deadlines are really close.  This week I started planning the site I was going to create.  I figured that with a highly planned out site design and structure, site map etc the building itself would fall into place very quickly.

Firstly I set out to assure the branding was carried through so I made a note of the colour theme and fonts to be used.

The fonts to be used were Helvetica for the body, and a modern @fontface from font squirrel called firsttest.

When this was written down and clear I decided to have a look at the material I was given and decide does every element deserve a page or could it be merged.  I decided that with 7 different elements it may be a good idea to split it up then visitors can see exactly what they want to see when they click on the link.  With this in mind I will not construct a site map and a structure that’s never more than 1 click from what you want to see. 

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This week the live project started and my attention took to this project for the next 2 weeks.  I have all the material ready to go so its a dream situation where I can dive straight in to it and begin to do the branding and the site. 

To begin with we met the client and had a chat on what his interests were and what designs he particularly liked. 

I collected the following data that I found most relevent.

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